Pool vs Swim Spa: Which is Right for You?
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Pool vs Swim Spa: Which is Right for You?

by | Oct 28, 2021

Many families want to transform their backyard into a beautiful private green space to retreat to. A swimming pool is a great addition to create a cozy family retreat. A pool can be a never-ending vacation for your kids, and for the adults, an excellent source of health, fitness and relaxation. Yet, how big you dream you may be limited by the size of your space and budget.


Our Solution?  An Arctic Spas® All Weather Pool

Our All Weather Pools bridge the gap between a hot tub, a spa and a pool. Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a pool at home, all year, in any weather, with the efficiency and low maintenance that comes with an Arctic Spas® hot tub. All Weather Pools have been taking over the market and changing the way you think of a typical pool. If All Weather Pool Swim Spas are new to you, read more here

An in-ground pool may seem like a luxury (and a lot of work) especially in colder climates, where it can only be used for a few months each year. Having to go through the lengthy and expensive process of installing a pool seems daunting. All Weather Pool Swim Spas are the ultimate solution for people looking to get all the benefits of a pool without the hassle.

At Arctic Spas® we compiled a list of the main reasons why we prefer swim spas over a typical in ground pool, keep reading to find out why we believe All Weather Pool Swim Spas are the perfect alternative to a pool!

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Yard Size

As cities grow, backyards shrink. Now, more than ever,  people are running into issues when adding a pool to their yard. The lack of space and privacy most backyards provide do not easily allow for you to install an in-ground pool. 

All Weather Pool Swim Spas allow you to work around existing landscaping and create the ideal backyard oasis. Swim spas are the perfect solution to fit all your swimming needs while only taking up a fraction of the room of a pool!



Installing an in-ground swimming pool comes with many hurdles to jump through. These often include obtaining certain permits, having enough room in your yard, and choosing the ideal placement. All Weather Pool Swim Spas are the perfect alternative to an in-ground swimming pool, especially when working with a limited yard size. Our easy installation makes sure that your All Weather Pool Swim Spa is trouble-free from the start.

Typically, your All Weather Pool Swim Spa will be delivered and installed by a pneumatic-tire dolly that can roll through a standard gate opening. If you don’t have an opening large enough, we look at taking out a section of fence.

The amount of time and money is a fraction of what you are looking at when installing a typical in-ground pool. Pools often involve heavy equipment in your yard, digging, and multiple professionals to get the job done. If you want to skip the permits, major construction and additional landscaping, an All Weather Pool Swim Spa is the ideal alternative.

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The major construction and process of installing an in-ground pool does not come cheap. Not to mention the extra landscaping and high maintenance of in-ground swimming pools. When purchasing an Arctic Spas® All Weather Pool Swim Spa, we provide free estimates and information without the high-pressure sales.

Working with the trained professionals at Arctic Spas® we will guarantee low installation risk and no extra landscaping fees. All Weather Pool Swim Spas are the perfect way to get all the benefits of a pool but with lower running costs, no purchasing permits and easy installation.



Our All Weather Pool Swim Spas are equipped with some of the most technologically advanced water maintenance. Our unique Spa Boy® system allows you to check the sanitizer levels in your spa by using medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze the water’s cleanliness. It will then precisely control the output of our integrated saltwater system.

Not only can you conveniently check the sanitizer levels with your phone, but you will also get some of the softest and silkiest saline water with no chemical smell. When taking care of an inground pool there is a lot of manual maintenance that is often time-consuming and costly. With Arctic Spas® we wanted to create the easiest and most simple maintenance routine possible, leaving you with more time for fun.

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When buying an All Weather Pool Swim Spa for your family safety should be your main concern. Pools often legally require certain fencing or guardrails to protect your family but, unfortunately, these precautions often require extra spending and take up a lot of room in your yard. When you buy your All Weather Pool Swim Spa, we make safety simple. Things like covers, cover locks, and proper filtration are especially important to us when creating the safest All Weather Pool Swim Spa.

Wrap up

All Weather Pool Swim Spas provide the best alternative to in-ground pools, especially if you live in all-weather climates. When you purchase an All Weather Pool Swim Spa over an in-ground pool you can install it almost anywhere, easily complete maintenance and use it year-round.

An All Weather Pool Swim Spa will provide all the same fun as an in-ground pool, but also give you the option to have a relaxing soak with your family as well. The best of both worlds is available to you easier than ever!